Law office.

Law office
Address: ul. Graniczna 59e lok. P-1, 93-428 Łódź
Phone: +48 882 00 22 11
The Law Office of attorney Dariusz Jankowski has been functioning since 2010.
It's founder has been accepted by the Bar after finishing advocate's traineeship
at District Chamber of Attorneys in Łodz and from that time on he has succesfully run individual professional practice. Unabated interest in services provided by the Law Office had inspired it's owner to open a regional branch of the Office in Skierniewice.

The Law Office specialises in complex law servicing of businessmen – not only natural persons running business but companies of commercial law as well. The scope
of matters covered by the Law Office is not limited to only commercial law but includes also, broadly understood, civil law, tax law and administrative law. Furthermore, the Law Office has experience in matters of public procurement law. The wide scope of services offered by the Law Office ranges from professional legal counselling to conducting disputes and representing clients at common courts, administrative courts, tax authorities or any other offices. What is important, the Law Office apart from standard legal services, offers also provision of services concerning debt collection.

The actions of the Law Office are aimed to provide practical and most of all effective legal solutions, suited to client's individual needs, what directly leads to minimazing
the cost and limitation of the hazard of run business. Unquestionable asset which distinguishes the law Office among other entities providing legal services on the market is that the Law Office's team not only submits answer for all kind of questions
and arising doubts using long distance communication means - via phone or e-mail,
but also ensures weekly meetings in the client's company headquarters, during which
a direct analysis and discussion about emerging doubts takes place.

Over the accomplishment of the outlined tasks, under supervision of attorney Dariusz Jankowski, there watches a young team of employees, which is best characterised
by reliability, knowledge and ambition.
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Feature Box

Equity follows the law. Aequitas sequitur legem.